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Could an iPad replace a laptop for Traveling?

Could an iPad replace a laptop for Traveling?

When I travelled around the world from 2011 – 2012, I schlepped a 15” Lenovo W520 laptop with me to stay connected, email, organize photos, and do the occasional blogging. There were times on the trip where I considered ditching

Reviewing Delta Airlines’ Economy Comfort….

Ok, Ok, I know it’s been a long friggin’ time since I last posted about ANYTHING. I promise I’ll write a post covering what I’ve been up to, but first I wanted to talk about Delta’s economy comfort. For those

City of Bikes and Venice of the North: Brugge, Belgium

This is a delayed article about my time in Europe in September. I visited the city of Brugge, Belgium and had a blast. I’d definitely plan on visiting again! One of the nice things about Brugge is how close it

4 Lessons Learned from a week in Taipei…

I recently completed a short 6 day trip to Taipei, Taiwan and have had some time to think about things I learned on this trip which can be applied to future trips. I usually save “lessons learned” posts until after

Thoughts on Taipei, Taiwan

Look, I know I haven’t posted in over a month – my apologies for that neglect! Right now, I am in Taipei, Taiwan for a week long vacation. I want to share some thoughts on the city though this is