500 miles on my Trek 7.5 FX

500+ miles on the odometer!

500+ miles on the odometer!

I have hit over 500+ miles on my Trek 7.5 FX! I wanted to review my 7.5 FX once again after putting on a significant number of miles. My review is not going to get very technical because I am not going to claim to be an expert on bike components.

Yesterday, June 20th, I was able to take my 7.5 FX out for a quick 26 mile spin in Minneapolis. During this ride around Minneapolis, I hit over 500 miles on the odometer. I have already discussed the upgrades I did to the 7.5 FX and my impressions after the 75 mile ride I took with the 7.5 FX. This time around will just cover my overall impressions after 500 miles of bike riding with the 7.5 FX.

It seems like only yesterday that I purchased the bike, but actually it was about 2 months ago. I can’t believe I have been able to put on 500+ miles. My goal for the summer is somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 miles. Another thing I can’t believe is the number of trails and routes that are available to me within the twin cities. The twin cities are definitely very bike friendly.

The 7.5 FX has performed flawlessly. I haven’t had any major problems with the bike and no flat tires which is especially important. I think the peddle and handle bar upgrades have made me want to ride the bike more. This is because I can be more efficient with the clip in peddles and stay on the bike longer. Having dual water bottle holders and being able to put my hands in a little bit different position with the handle bar extenders also helps me stay on the bike longer.

In my 500+ miles of riding, the seat has kept me pretty comfortable. I am actually somewhat surprised that I haven’t looked into getting a seat upgrade, but I got say, the seat is pretty dang comfortable! Maybe after the next 500 miles, I’ll have a different opinion.

All in all, am I glad I spent $850+upgrades on the 7.5 fx? You bet I am! This purchase has gotten me to spend more time outside. I certainly appreciate my time outdoors because the summers in Minnesota seems so short and the cold season seems to get longer and longer every year. Other reasons this purchase is something I don’t mind spending money on:

– It keeps me healthy and fit
– It gives me time away from running
– I spend less time watching T.V.
– I can explore more of where I live

I still have some upgrades that I need to purchase for the 7.5 FX including:

– bike light
– tire pump and levers
– hydration pack for longer rides

I am also considering winter upgrades, but we’ll see. A lot depends on costs of the tire upgrades.

I am very interested in upgrading my cycle next year to a touring bike. I like the 7.5 FX so much that I plan on keeping the bike even if I buy an additional bike. I’ve included a few more pictures of the bike. Enjoy and have fun riding this summer where ever you live! I know I’m looking forward to the next 500 miles and beyond.

7.5 FX next to the Minneapolis Grand Rounds Map

7.5 FX next to the Minneapolis Grand Rounds Map

7.5 FX upside down

7.5 FX upside down

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16 Responses to 500 miles on my Trek 7.5 FX

  1. Renae says:

    So are you at 504 or 562 for 2009?

  2. Tim says:

    Simple, I am at 562. I did not have a bike computer for the first two weeks of ownership.

  3. Simon says:

    Really appreciate the commentary. It’s a shame those last photos don’t show up.
    I’m tossing up between the Valencia and the 7.5. I like the idea of disc brakes on the Valencia, but the carbon forks on the 7.5 sound good too. Did you consider the Valencia before buying the 7.5?

  4. morriswt says:

    I’ll fix these pictures when I get home.

  5. Katie says:

    You mention your odometer and the number of miles you have ridden.
    I just purchased the FX 7.5 3 weeks ago. Was the odometer something you added extra? I’m trying to figure how to keep track of my miles.
    btw-I love my new bike too! I upgraded from a TREK Navigator 300 because I wanted to ride on the streets and road more.

  6. morriswt says:

    You need to purchase a bike computer to keep track of miles. Check out my Garmin 305 forerunner review. It’s works great.

  7. kip says:

    Hi there! Fellow Minnesota man transplanted in Las Vegas. Today I made the decesion from Valencia to 7.5 fx . Today was the first day to see the Valencia in person and I was disappointed. It felt cheap and so entry level. The 7.5 was next to it and I think I am in Love. It has that real road bike feel but without the crazy position of handlebars. I will miss the disk brake but gain that carbon fork, better handlebars (thicker) better brake levers….just all-around nicer feel. Now I just have to find a black one and I am set. Enjoy your blogs….keep it up and stay warm!

  8. morriswt says:

    Kip, thanks for the comments. Las Vegas seems like a good place to move from Minnesota…the winters here are just brutal…hope you enjoy the 7.5 fx as much as I have.

  9. John_H says:

    I just purchased my 2009 7.5 last week, an addition to my fully-suspended Gary Fisher MTB. I am really enjoying this bike, it’s very light and quick and feels quite stable above 25mph. I ride in San Francisco, and the streets here are a patchwork of bumps and rough road, but the stiffness of the bike doesn’t seem too harsh at all. I’m 5-10 and feel no fatigue (from the waist up, at least) after 20+ miles of city riding – very comfortable position for me, and a huge improvement for street riding over my Fisher. I’ve weighed it in on the bathroom scale at about 22.5 lbs.

    There is a bit of chain rubbing while in high or low gear in the middle chain ring, but I’ll accept that as an adjustment issue, and a regular “click” sound while pedaling that may be coming from the bottom bracket or maybe from the chain hanging up on the middle ring – no big deal. Rear derailleur has needed a bit of hi/low and indexing adjustment during this break-in (110 mi so far) but is reliable and feels pretty crisp. My only minor gripe is the braking power – I weigh about 175 lbs and have to pull pretty hard to decelerate from higher speeds and downhill – the funny thing is that my Fisher beats it hands-down in braking, but it has the same Avid SD3 brakes (??). Maybe the pads need to seat themselves a bit.

    I got mine for $740 at Valencia Cyclery in SF and think I got a very fair value for what feels like a very capably equipped and balanced bike.

  10. Ivan says:

    Tim, thanks for your review!
    btw- winters in Minnesota are brutal? =) you dont heard about Russian winter 😀

  11. Donna says:

    Hi I just picked up my 2009 7.5 yesterday afternoon; it’s also the cool white Duotone! I test rode the ladies version and there was no comparison- I’m not sure why as I think most of the components are the same. I’m having a bit of brake rubbing, I’m sure easily fixed. Really looking forward to riding this weekend. It was great to read that you still love your bike and it’s done well for you. This is my first bike in about 20 years! I borrowed a nice MTB for a sprint Tri and found others leaving me in the dust. Can’t wait to see how it does in a Duathlon later this month. btw-winters in SoCal are awesome! Ran 8 miles yesterday at Doheny beach in a sleeveless top and went for a swim!!! Sorry, had to rub it in!

  12. Jim says:

    Interesting comments. I will be 69 yrs old in a month. Got back into riding for fitness a couple of years ago. Started out with a Cannondale Adventure 5. It was fine but I found that I wanted a bit more. I live in suburbia Atlanta and riding is possible with the right clothing most all year round. So, I shopped around and ended up with the 7.5 bought from our local TREK dealer. They did a decent job of sizing the bike up for me. I have had it now for just over a year. It is the Satin Nickel version. I’m not blessed with a lot of disposable cash so I have not gotten into pricey upgrades. I do have a decent wireless odo and have added front and rear lighting for those predawn ride starts. By comparison to what I rode as a kid in the 50’s this bike is amazing. The price was within budget. I find at my age that I can do, oh say 30 miles without total exhaustion so long as I pick the right weather days. I also found that trying to “keeping up with the Joneses)on the road or trails is futile. Ride at your own pace. Summers in Atlanta are miserably hot. And heat can wear one out pretty quickly. Anyway, just to keep the right frame of mind, a friend gave me an old French Motobecane Mirage road bike. I have restored it to original specs. Wow, what a difference. Isn’t technology wonderful? I had considered a road bike (read low bars, etc) but a really seasoned sales guy with good advice talked me out of that idea. He basically said that if I wanted to ride in a forward stooped position with my neck craned up, go for the road bike. On the other hand the more upright position may be more comfortable on the long haul. I believe he was right. Sore necks versus sore butts is a definite consideration. Getting old ain’t for sissy’s. Anyway, the 7.5 is probably all the bike I’ll ever need at this point in my life. I’ve ridden it hard and all the components work for me. Ride on folks….

  13. Bud Halpin says:

    I purchased a TREK 7500 20″ HYBRID in 2008.Have taken it from Montana to East St. Louis.Had only two (2) flats! I installed PLANET BIKE fenders in order to keep my drive train cleaner.Front & rear racks/paniers.Did the KATY trail in Mo. and US RT. 66 from East St. Louis, Ill. to Albuquerque, N.Mex. @011- Pittsburgh to Wash.,D.C. on the Great Allegheny Passage/C & O Canal. Bike accident this April caused by careless(?)/ inattentive driver:-(

  14. Max Kroff says:

    I am about to buy Trek 7.5, is it good for steep hills? I ask this question because rear cassette is only 11-26, so maybe I should buy another bike?

  15. Max Kroff says:

    Sorry, there are so many steep hills in my city that I am hesitating to buy Trek 7.5 even it’s my #1 choise. Everybody here likes the bike as a road bike but how it performs in a hilly area?

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