Twin Cities Bike Walk Week – May 10 – 16

Twin Cities Bike Walk Week –.

Since the month of May is National Bike Month and because the twin cities is such a bike friendly city, I thought I would share this link on the blog. I recently bought a bike and am working on article talking about my first week of ownership. I hope to get it published later today (May 9th). Needless to say, I’m really enjoying my bike.


Another interesting Link –> Begin With a Single Step: Escape from Cubicle Hell

Begin With a Single Step: Escape from Cubicle Hell.

I just had to share and post this link. I saw this article on one of the travel blogs I subscribe to in my google reader. This guy is pretty much spot on – why should people spend the best part of their lives saving for retirement and working in an office cube? I myself want to make a change and retire from the office cube. Before making a huge transition, I do realize that there are certain things I need to take careĀ  likeĀ  paying off loans. One of my next posts is going to be discussing how I am re-thinking retirement and life in the corporate world.
In the mean time, check out that link. Maybe you’re feeling the same way.