Major Announcement 1

Today, I announced my departure from my current employer, a large accounting/consulting firm. Included with this posting you will find the text of my farewell email. I’m really excited to be starting with my new employer, but will also miss the people I’ve worked with for the past 4+ years. Reactions were mixed with people happy for the opportunity that I have and sad to see me leave. I am really glad I got the opportunities and experiences that I did. It really was the people at the firm that made all the difference for me.

Note: Slight edits were made to protect the identity of my former and future employer.

After 4+ years of being with the firm, I am announcing that my last day will be January 9th, 2009. I will be taking an opportunity with healthcare company in their information risk management group. I’m looking forward to this new opportunity and the challenges that it will present.

The decision to leave the firm was not easy to make. I think the things that made it hard for me to leave the firm are the people that I worked with and the experiences that I gained.  I have had the privilege of working with so many smart people that are willing to share knowledge and help me develop. Thank you for letting me learn from you over the past 4 years.

My personal contact information  is:

email: removed
mobile: removed

Good luck in the pursuit of your goals and please stay in touch.


Tim Morrison


New Feature Added

I quickly added a new feature – comments! This seems like something that should have been included on the tumblr platform, but they left out. Hopefully as the the blog grows, people will actually leave comments. Right now, I am just working on getting content posted on a regular basis.

Warming up for 2009 training season….

I must admit getting back into the swing of training for races has been more difficult than past years. I left the country on a much needed overseas adventure to India (I plan on writing about this in an upcoming post) for 20 days, 3 of which were spent in New York City recovering from jet lag and catching up with friends. Once I returned from India, I spent a day at the office and headed to Iowa for the holidays. I spent 4 days in Iowa and returned to Minneapolis, where I became extremely ill with stomach cramps. Needless to say, I took it easy for the next two days and came back in to the office. By then it was New Year’s eve. Originally, I was thinking about doing something because it would be my first New Year’s eve in Minneapolis, instead, I wanted to take it easy on my body and not partake in excessive festivities.

Out of the entire month of December, I ran a grand total of 1 day (New Year’s eve). I proceeded to run on January 1st and 2nd as well to start warming up for my 2009 training plans. I intend to continue warming up with 3-4 miles runs during this week and possibly into next week and then start training for a marathon. I also want to add weight lifting back into the routine.

I am not yet sure which marathon I will be doing. I have some ideas and have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 possible choices. I do know that the race has to be in May or June and that I want to run a half marathon as part of the training.

Another new training thing for me will be the elimination of the consumption of beer while I am training for the marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I like beer alot. The problem is that it does not contribute to my overall fitness. I want to see what happens to my body when I able to eliminate beer for a substantial amount of time.

Overall, I am about 34 seconds off my 8min/mile pace. Not that I plan on running this pace in actually races, but I would like to get back to be able to run 6 miles in 48 minutes. Running at a 8:34min/mile pace isn’t bad considering I didn’t run for 30 days in December. For right now, I will have to be content with that.

Welcome and Happy 2009!

Welcome to my blog, Tim’s Adventures! I have a lot of interests that I will likely blog including running, traveling, digital photography, gadgets, finance/rewards and current events. I’m going to use this as a place to write down thoughts on those topics and make major announcements. In fact, I’ll be making a major announcement next week, so stay tuned.

I do want to wish everyone a belated Happy 2009. I meant to launch my blog on New Year’s day, but my intentions were scuttled by other priorities such as cleaning and trying to recover from an illness.

Briefly, looking back at 2008, I was able to accomplish some significant things –

  • Running my first full marathon in San Diego
  • Getting my first professional promotion
  • Getting another professional certification
  • Paying off more student loans in full
  • Taking a trip to India and Experiencing an Indian/Hindu wedding
  • Staying connected with friends and family.

I am very excited about 2009. I have a few things that I would like to accomplish –

  • Learning a foreign language (preferably Chinese)
  • Running my second marathon
  • Paying off more loans (car and student loans)
  • Taking another overseas trip
  • Joining a soccer league
  • Eating healthy more often
  • Learning how to use a digital SLR camera.

These are only a few things that I want to do in 2009. I know 2009 is going to be infinitely better than 2008. Whatever your goals for 2009 may be, good luck in the pursuit of those achievements.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find my future posts informative and enjoyable.