The first week of bike ownership…

To continue on with the theme of May being National Bike Month, I wanted to share some impressions and thoughts about biking after a week of enjoying my latest purchase and toy.

After a week of owning a bike and 65 miles of riding it, I’ve already learned a few things about why biking is probably going to become my primary means of staying fit. Besides the obvious reason of the fact that biking wear down my knees like running does, it has also opened up the possibility of being able to explore the twin cities from a different perspective.

I had heard that the twin cities had a large number of bike trails and when I was running around the lakes I always saw a ton of bikers out on parts of the trails. I never really thought about where those trails lead to until I round one of them last Sunday. On that Sunday ride, I made it to Hopkins, MN right along highway 169. I was able to log 30 miles and make it parts of the twin cities that I hadn’t explored when I was running around the lakes.

I’ve already started to think about what biking is going to do for me. It will let me stay outside longer and enjoy the 4-5 months out of the year where the weather is really great. It will let me explore areas of the cities from a different perspective and reach new areas that I was not aware existed. It will let have an excuse to go to my fitness club and lift weights and finally on a practical note, it will help save me money on gas because I am spending less time in my car and more time getting around by bike.

Next weekend, I plan on doing a longer bike ride to Stillwater,MN. This should be somewhere in the range of 40-50 miles round trip. I’m really looking forward to getting some exercise, enjoying the weather, and exploring where I live from a different perspective. If you get an opportunity to ride a bike, do be sure to take of advantage of it.


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