Upgrading my Trek 7.5 FX…

My new bike shoes
My new bike shoes

After two weeks of owning my beloved 7.5 fx, I decided to upgrade a few of the components. As you can see from the photos this included the pedals and adding handle bar extenders. I also added a saddle pack which could hold a spare inner tube and some gloves which will keep my hands warm on those cooler days. Included in the pedal upgrade was also obtaining a pair of biking shoes that clip into the pedals. I don’t have the specific links but upgrading the pedals to a clip in design will improve efficiency by 20-25%.

Pedal Upgrade
Pedal Upgrade

I took the bike out for a quick 17 mile spin to test out my upgrades. I admit it took a little bit to get used to clipping in and out of the pedals. I am still getting used to clipping in quickly. Also, during one of my stops, I somewhat forgot I was clipped in and just about fell over in the bike. I was lucky in that as I was falling over I was able to somehow clip out and catch myself. I guess this will just take some practice.

I am hoping with the exception of one or two additional pieces of bike clothing that I am done upgrading for awhile. I think I’ve gotten the upgrades that make the most sense for right now. I do plan on upgrading the bike computer I have at the end of the summer. I’m not decided on specifics regarding that upgrade, but am leaning towards something with GPS.

I am going to set my distance goal to ride 1500 miles by the end of September. So far I have done about 200 miles. It’d be great if I hit 2000 miles but I think 1500 is a good goal to shoot for right now. If you are you have route suggestions or just want to sound off about your bike, feel free to leave a comment. I am still enjoying my trek 7.5 fx.

Bike with handle bar upgrade
Bike with handle bar upgrade

5 thoughts on “Upgrading my Trek 7.5 FX…

  1. Looks good. I got to sell a 7.5 in the matte nickel color today at work (yours looks way better). I really like the Bontrager shoes. I’ve been hoping to pick up a pair of their city/commuter shoes, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  2. How difficult was it to the bar ends on this bike?I have the exact same bike and I put the pack and got new pedals already and I thinking about bar ends soon. I am amazed that it is still so cold in May up there (I am in TN).

    1. Z,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope you’re enjoying the 7.5 fx as much as am I. I have put nearly 500 miles on the bike since I bought it. I’ll be writing about my impressions as soon as I cross 500 miles. I assume the bar ends were an easy upgrade for my local bike shop to do. I basically bought them there and had them install it…what can I say..I am a little lazy? 🙂 As far as it being cold in May up here in Minnesota, I couldn’t believe how cold it was either in May. It has gotten much warmer in June but not terribly hot yet.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my site! Maybe you have some cool trails or routes you could point me to in TN.


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