Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, I have been living in the twin cities area since 2004.  I have worked as an information security consultant and currently work in the field of third party risk management.  I like to think and dream big. One of my biggest dreams is to take 6-12 months off from work and travel around the world.  Another goal I am pursuing to live in a different country for 3-5 years. Additionally, to broaden my horizons and give myself a challenge, I am currently attempting to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Chinese is a difficult language to master with 4 different tones. When I am not pursuing these goals, I like to run, travel, bike, watch movies, read books, play video games, twitter, and generally have fun with friends.

I have done extensive traveling and have visited the following major cities:

– Agra (India)
– Atlanta
– Auckland
– Brussels
– Chicago
– Jaipur (India)
– Kota (India)
– London
– Los Angeles
– Milwaukee
– Moscow
– Munich
– Mumbai
– New Dehli
– New York City
– Orlando
– Paris
– Phoenix
– San Diego
– San Francisco
– Seattle
– Seoul
– Udaipur (India)
– Washington DC
– Wellington (New Zealand)

I prefer to list cities that I have visited because the countries where these cities are located are pretty big and I haven’t seen the entire country.

My blog is dedicated to traveling, learning, fitness, connecting with new and old friends, digital photography, and my ramblings on life.


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